At JAW Communication we believe that ethics matter. We believe that “doing the right thing” is the right thing to do.

And we love sharing with others how they can live and work in a more ethical, insightful, caring and compassionate way.

We offer the following quality services:

  • workshops in ethical leadership, management and wellbeing in schools and post-16 colleges;
  • workshops with employers in non-education sectors delivering ethical leadership, management and staff wellbeing training;
  • 1-1 personalised mentoring and/or coaching to help you develop your individual approach to ethical leadership, wellbeing and self-development;
  • a variety of online courses about the importance of wellbeing, self-development and how to be an ethical leader of self and others;
  • consultancy in educational settings covering areas such as staff wellbeing, curriculum and quality development;
  • a professional, ethical, writing and editing service.

JAW Communication offers you this variety of skills at a competitive rate and in a sensible time frame.

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