Kindness really does matter

As annual #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek draws to a close I think it is going to be particularly important this year to remember its key message of #KindnessMatters.

All over the world millions of people have been enduring an unprecedented time during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lives and families torn apart in this way is something most of us have probably never imagined. Lives lost, businesses lost, jobs lost, all sources of income lost, our “normal” ways of living lost.

As the world comes through this pandemic – which it will – we have to make some changes, to create a new “normal” which acknowledges what really matters in our lives.

In my view living in a more ethical and sustainable way is something we will all need to do.

So what have we discovered about life during these last few stressful weeks and months?

What have we missed the most – a hug? Seeing people we love? Being free to go where we want when we want? Have we realised that people matter more than things? Have we realised that we can live with less?

I do hope that people will be prepared to reconsider what their personal priorities are and what matters to them.

This could be the best opportunity in your lifetime to make changes to what you do and how you do it and to bring your actions in life more in step with your values and beliefs.

I recorded a free webinar last week asking how we could lead well in difficult times of change.

Whatever your business, whatever your job role, good leadership can truly make a difference in difficult times and good self-leadership in particular can empower you to make changes, be kind to yourself, your team, your customers and the planet.

Please do access it here:

How do I lead well in a time of change?