Webinar Wisdom!

If you are interested in leading well and making wise decisions during a time of enormous change, then please do join me on this free webinar.

It is on Wednesday May 20th at 1.00pm and is accessible for anyone who might be interested. As it’s a webinar no-one will be able to see you, so pyjamas are completely acceptable!

You may be self-employed, run a small business or be a manager in a larger company. Your job title does not really matter – if you feel you would benefit from a little support regarding how to manage your way during this difficult time then please do sign up.

We all need good leadership skills now more than ever – even if we only have ourselves to lead! And although we are all in different boats, we are in the same storm.

Change is always difficult, but compassion and communication can help you to weather that storm.

Please do feel free to share this link with others who may be interested 🙂

Register via ThinkTreeHub here.