JAW Communication is run by Josie Whiteley who is a freelance Educational Consultant, Coach & Trainer.

She says: “My Leadership experience has been gained from many years of leading and managing high-performing teams which I have led on their journey of development and improvement.

“I have a very practical approach to how we can all ensure we live and work ethically and I’m currently focussing on delivering both live, online workshops and online training to anyone interested in learning how to lead in an ethical way.

“Feedback I’ve received shows managers, leaders, aspiring managers and students can all learn something about themselves from my courses. There are so many people “in charge” who are the opposite of what I consider to be a good leader – please don’t become one of them!

“My bespoke workshops and online courses consider how you can manage and lead effectively whilst remembering to take care of your own health and the wellbeing of your colleagues and staff teams. Ethics, Energy, Integrity, Authenticity and Emotional Intelligence are key!”

Josie worked as a Sub-Editor, News Reporter, Writer, Lecturer, University External Examiner, Standards Verifier, College Invigilator and College Manager (Course Leader, Head of Department and Director of Faculty) over her 30+ year career before deciding to become self-employed and develop her training offer.

In 2017-18 her role as President of the Association of Managers in Education saw her representing thousands of leadership members of the union and professional association. During her presidential year she was also one of the six National Officers of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers working with the National Executive to oversee the running of the union and to formulate national policy.

Why not have a look at this link to find out about one of our online courses? It is all about ethical leadership and management and is suitable for anyone interested in understanding themselves a little better and being their “best self”.
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