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New Year, New Superpower!

As 2020 draws to a close I thought I’d wish all of you reading this the very best for 2021 and I hope you, your family and friends are managing to keep safe and well during these worrying times.

A new year seems as good a time as any to tell you about my latest online course as so many people look around for new areas of interest to pursue at this time of year.

And it may just be of value to you 😊

“Make Self-Development Your Superpower” highlights the benefits of improving your self-development skills. It asks you to take the time for self-reflection and encourages improved self-awareness using the principles of ethical leadership which – as most of my blog readers will know – is one of my very favourite subjects!

By the time you have finished this short course you will:

  • Understand the importance of continual self-development;
  • Understand the basics of ethical leadership and how the principles provide a benchmark of behaviour;
  • Have considered your personal values – what are they, where do they come from and why do they matter?
  • Understand the kinds of personal qualities required to allow you to live and work in an ethical way becoming your “best self”;
  • Understand the impact of your behaviours on all those around you;
  • Have identified your own individual areas for development and created a personal Action Plan to help you to progress on your self-development journey.

Over the last 35 years I’ve worked as a Coach and Mentor, Educational Consultant, Journalist, Lecturer, University External Examiner, Standards Verifier, College Course Leader, Head of Department and Director of a large college faculty. I’ve also learned a lot from various charity and voluntary roles I’ve been involved in.

The course draws on what (I hope!) I’ve learned during that time and I believe would be of benefit to anyone wanting to work towards “leading their best life”.

Comments describe the course as:

“thought-provoking… encourages self-reflection… delivered in a non-judgemental manner… very easy to navigate… allowed you to work through at your own paceflowed very well and was really informative… accessible allowing easy downloading of the modules… inspiring and it encouraged me to look at small ways in which I can lead a more ethical life generally… really helpful featuring great little videos where you came across as very natural, friendly, caring, honest and knowledgeable”.

Why not have a look at it and develop a new Superpower for the New Year? Sign up with a special welcome rate of 50% discount using code TTHJAW21 – (you don’t need to be a ThinkTree member to access the course, just click this link).

Happy New Year!

Josie 😊