NEW online course launched!

So, today I should have been delivering a workshop at a large conference, but Covid-19 got in the way and I find myself in lockdown – just like a third of the world’s population.

Who could have imagined such a situation actually happening worldwide? Even just a few months ago it would have seemed preposterous.

But here we are.

There are times over the last few years when I have despaired at the way the world seemed to be going but the last few weeks have shown the true power of kindness, compassion and courage.

Doctors, nurses, carers, emergency services, teachers and many working in other essential services have risen to this unprecedented challenge and are facing serious dangers every single day.

And millions of people staying at home in a bid to contain the virus are also facing daily challenges of a different kind as they adjust to our current “normal”.

I had decided to create an online version of my JAWCommunication workshops some months ago – and started work on the project – but never actually finished it. However self-isolating (and the cancellation of all my work!!) has focussed my mind to finally get the first short course up and running!

It may be of interest to you if you are currently at home and enjoy learning online.

“Ethical Leadership Principles” introduces you to the basics and wherever you work and whatever your role it will guide you to understanding how you can work in an ethical way.

The course challenges you to think about your values and beliefs and will show you how your behaviours and actions always have an impact on your colleagues/staff/students/customers – whether positive or negative.

You can access it via this link. Due to the current crisis we all find ourselves in I’m offering a 70% discount to anyone interested. Use the code JAWDISC70 to pay less than the price of my favourite bottle of wine 😊.

Please do share with friends and colleagues who may be interested – now more than ever we need #EthicalLeadership in all our lives.