Ethical Leadership – NEU Conference Workshop

I’ve just spent a busy couple of days in London trying to live up to my “do the right thing” mantra.

Some of the participants at the Ethical Leadership Principles Workshop.

On Friday September 20th I joined many thousands of young people marching through Westminster on the #climatestrike march and I really felt inspired by their passion and some of their brilliant placards!

It was an exhausting but very motivating day and was followed by the excitement of the first ever Leadership Conference of the National Education Union on the Saturday!

Even as an education professional I agree A-levels sometimes need to take a back seat!

I’m proud to be a member of the NEU, which is the biggest education union in Europe and the second largest in the UK for education leaders. I was therefore really pleased to be able to run workshops at the conference around Ethical Leadership Principles.

Although my usual audience tends to be leaders and managers in FE Colleges these workshops were hugely diverse with just about every education sector being represented.

Leaders from primary and secondary schools, school 6th forms, special schools, PRUs and FE colleges all worked together considering and discussing the kinds of ethical dilemmas they face every day and left the session feeling empowered with more strategies to deal with their stressful roles.

I do think it is very helpful to realise all those working in education really are “all in it together” and as such we need to work together as education professionals to ensure all levels and sectors of education are properly supported by whichever politicians are in power.

Education is far too important to be used as a political football.

All set up and ready for the first workshop.

I’m really pleased those attending the workshops felt their ethical leadership principles were nurtured and supported and they were reminded that they have a voice and they can use it to improve their schools and colleges for students and for staff.

Just some of the comments from the participants are shared below suggesting they felt empowered when leaving the session:

  • “Hang on to your values and principles regardless of the pressure you are under,” Primary Headteacher.
  • “Enjoyable and practical session – the scenarios were brilliant – VERY helpful,” Deputy Headteacher.
  • “My personal values are worth fighting for and I need to fight for them particularly when under pressure to conform to actions I know to be wrong,” Secondary Headteacher.
  •  “My key takeaway is to make sure I always follow through with my values,” FE College Manager.
  • “It was so useful to discuss perspectives with other colleagues – thank you,” Headteacher.

If you would like to find out more about any of the workshops I deliver don’t hesitate to get in touch.

It’s a simple message from our young people – we can live more ethically sustainable lives.